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E-Services and Lifelong Guidance: European Guidance Professionals` Fruitful Exchange in Estonia


Euroguidance Estonia hosted a three day exchange in Tallinn, Estonia on e-Services and Lifelong Guidance. The exchange took place on 17th – 19th May 2016.'

The focus of the exchange was on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the service delivery in the field of lifelong guidance. The main purpose was to support mutual exchange between participants from different countries, to encourage them in the use of ICT and to collect good practices. The partners in the exchange project were from Slovenia, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Ireland, in Estonia Foundation Innove (hosting), Tallinn University Centre for Technology in Education, Tallinn University of Technology Innovation and Business Centre Mektory, Enterprise Estonia e-Estonia Showroom.

The participants gave feedback to the programme as a whole and evaluated the achievement of  learning outcomes. The general feedback from participants was positive. The participants set a high value on peer-learning, inspiring visit to e-Estonia Showroom, the dynamics and professional people in the group. The participants noted that there could have been more time for facilitated discussions.

The exchange was a part of international project Academia that organizes exchanges annually. The network has agreed on the mutual expected learning outcomes of the project. The participants were asked to evaluate their experience in the end of the project in a scale 1 to 5. Based on the participant feedback we can conclude that in general the expected learning outcomes were achieved.

The highest rating was received by “widening my own professional network” and “receiving an overview of the current world of education, work and lifelong guidance in Estonia”. Both got an impressive rating of 95%. Three participants out of four evaluated with maximum mark that they were able to practice professional language, one participant evaluated with a medium mark and noted that she would have preferred more time for joint discussions.  The understanding of learning in multicultural environment was a valuable learning outcome for all participants (90%). However participants felt that practicing new tools was rather poor (55%). In majority of the cases the explanation was that they have learned new digital solutions, but not did not actually have enough time to practice these during the exchange.

Photo: Exchange of practice on ICT among participants